Day 1Friday August 26

12h00 - 16h00

Session Primeur

First session of the IBU event! Be the first to open the draft beer barrels and to get access to our rare and unique beer selection! Only accessible with a "Passeport Primeur" festival pass.


Friday opening


MUTEK - Music programming

MUTEK is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts.


DJ Patti Schmidt - Presented by MUTEK

Patti Schmidt grew up in Ottawa and attended McGill University as an undergraduate. While at McGill she became involved with CKUT-FM. As a fan of Brave New Waves, in 1991 CBC Radio hired her on a series of temporary contracts. She then became the primary host of Brave New Waves from 1995 to 2006, replacing Brent Bambury. Schmidt was also the executive producer.

Schmidt has also hosted the weekly CBC Radio One show Cinq à Six from Montreal, a program "that explores new directions in culture in Quebec - directions in music, literature, theatre, architecture and design and in the business of art"; Canada Live, a program on CBC Radio 2 devoted to concert performances; and Inside the Music, a program which airs documentaries about music.

In September 2008, Schmidt began a graduate degree in communications and art history at McGill University, while she also began programming and curating for the MUTEK festival of electronic music and digital arts.

About music career, during the mid-to-late 1990s, Patti Schmidt was a singer and bassist with Pest 5000, a band that also featured Brave New Waves producer Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth), Genevieve Heistek, Jon Acensio (Doughboys/Starbean), and a long line of drummers including Howard Bilerman (Hotel2Tango studios/Arcade Fire) Colin Burnett (GYBE/Bliss), Andy Vial (Barr Brothers), Alexander McSween (The Nils/Bionic/Detention). They released recordings on Harriet Records, No Life and derivative, run by Schmidt, Komoda and Patrick Hamou. Their international roster included Sportsguitar, The Grifters, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Eric's Trip, Jale, Number One Cup and the Ladybug Transistor among many others. She founded a subsequent group with Komoda and Lewis Braden, called The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet. Alongside Jeff Waye (manager/owner of the North American component of Ninja Tune Records), the pair started the Ta-Da record label, releasing full lengths for NAB, and The World Provider and EPs by The Republic of Safety, Laura Barrett, and Hank.


DJ Vincent Lemieux - Presented by MUTEK

For almost a decade, Vincent Lemieux has played an integral role in Montreal’s internationally acclaimed dance-music community. Lemieux is man who wears many different hats: curator, label owner, DJ, producer, taste-maker… this is a man who has done it all and inflected every project in his association with an indelible personal style.

Internationally, Vince is probably best known as one of the curators behind Montreal’s MUTEK Festival. Since 2000, he has helped shape his hometown conception of progressive electronic music through the acts he brings to town. When not programming the festival, Lemieux hosts two of the most cutting-edge techno weeklies in the city. His long-running Tuesday night Salon Daomé, where he DJ’s alongside world-class talent, has become a staple in Montreal’s nightlife. Claude Von Stroke, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Zip, Sammy D, they’ve all graced the decks at Daomé courtesy of Vince.


Friday closing

Day 2Saturday August 27


Saturday opening


CISM - Afternoon music programming

CISM-FM (ou Communication Information Sur la Montagne) est la station de radio officielle de l'Université de Montréal. Elle est gérée par l'organisme sans but lucratif Communications du Versant Nord inc.


J.U.D. - Presented by CISM

With his remix of Rihanna’s “You Da One” surpassing 2.3 millions plays, J.u.D, also known as Judrick Saint-Fleur, has infused Montreal’s electronic scene with a melancholic and mesmerizing tone. Definable as evasive and peculiar, the “Dream Trap” genre – initiated by the 26 year old Montreal native – evokes and possesses a different emotion than that of the typical Montreal sound. Creating a refreshing and introspective take on the electronic genre, J.u.D, a member of the ALAIZ collective, has become a notable artist in the city’s electro-scene. This emerging musical talent has performed at Montreal’s Igloofest 2015, toured with Quebec’s Loud Lary Ajust, and has had his fifth and most recent EP, S†. Flower, premiered on Redbull Music. 

Instilling his calm, cool, and collected temperament into his artistry, S†. Flower utilizes the enchanting finesse of real instruments to create a dissociative yet fluid journey. However, the genuine and distinct nature of J.u.D’s creative vision is not limited to that of sound. The heavenly, chilling, and dreamy tones of his genre are evident not only through his musical compositions and DJ sets, but also in his artwork, which he designs himself.


DJ John Lee - Presented by CISM


Voyage Funktastique - Présenté par CISM

Voyage Funktastique is a radio show, a label, a monthly night, dedicated to Modern/Future Funk. Based out of Montreal, Canada, Walla P & Dr.MaD founded Voyage Funktastique in 2013, and have since then, toured in Europe, performed in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and played alongside Kaytranada, Pomo, Onra, Peanut Butter Wolf, Slum Village, Rakim, just to name a few.


DJ NOYL - Presented by CISM


NEON - Evening music programming

Neon is a movement dedicated to throwing quality events in innovative settings.


CRi (DJ set) - Presented by NEON

"De ses études en musique numérique à l’Université de Montréal, Christophe Dubé conserve la théorie. La pratique, elle, se fait à la maison. Ses explorations musicales, toujours très mélodiques, dégagent une ambiance éthérée, non sans rappeler celle de Floating Points, Jamie XX ou Moderat, dont il fait la première partie au mois de mai. Pour l’occasion, le producteur a remixé le titre "Reminder" du trio allemand. Au cœur de ses compositions – et ce depuis son premier EP Eclipse (2013) jusqu’au prochain prévu pour juin – le travail de la matière et le mélange des textures sonores. CRi, on l’écoute les yeux mi-clos et les esgourdes grandes ouvertes, pour mieux se laisser emporter par l’émotion aux accents mystiques." - Trax



Saturday closing

Day 3Sunday August 28


Sunday opening


LatinArte - Music programming

LatinArte is a community of latin-american artists from Montréal, Canada.


Canicule Tropicale - Presented by LatinArte

Canicule Tropicale is the passion of djs, Philippe Noel and La Mano Peluda. Specializing in vintage LP's and 45’s from the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America, their mission is simple, to make you dance!

Ranging from the best of Cumbia, Kompa, Guaracha, Calypso, Son, Plenas, Gaitas, Samba, Juju, Highlife, Afrobeat big bands from the 1950’s to 1980’s, it is impossible not to shake to these infectious dancefloor rhythms!


DJ Rila - Presented by LatinArte

You gotta keep it Rila!


DJ LocoFern - Presented by LatinArte


Sunday closing

3 journées de
créées par les
brasseurs d'ici

  • local dj
  • several brewery from Quebec
  • Food experience

IBUwhat's that?

IBU is a measuring unit of bitterness that is well known around the beer industry and consumers (International Bitterness Unit). We took back the acronym to name our event Immersion Brassicole Unique! (Unique Brewing Immersion)

Learn more about IBU

Une programmation brassicole originale

Immersion Brassicole Unique will showcase an unequaled number of Quebec microbreweries. A new concept developed by the Association des Microbrasseries du Québec, that will give you a chance to taste beers from all around the province with the brewers themselves! Every brewer will make sure to provide high caliber representatives (owners, brewers, etc.) on the site at all times. To satisfy your insatiable thirst for discovery, many participating breweries will create new exclusive beers for the event or offer rare products! The only alcoolic beverages available on-site will be beers from the province of Quebec!

Style Tasting

This section will put the emphasis on kiosks where the beer will be grouped by theme. This year, the styles that were chosen are IPA, Sour/Oak/Funky, Saison and Fruit Beers.
The section will also include an info booth about the agricultural part of beer production as well as a showcase for beers that were 100% made with Quebec raw materials.

The regions of Quebec in beers

In the section that will be separated by regions, Immersion Brassicole Unique will put many brewers together in the same space to be able to offer a wider choice of beers compared to brand specific kiosks. We also want to put brewers together to reflect the camaraderie, the harmony, the "joie de vivre" and the strong bonds that exists between the brewers of Quebec!

Meet the brewers

Music programming

Immersion Brassicole Unique aims to create an urban, modern atmosphere, contrasting with the actual beer festival template. The music programming will be taken over by well known artists from the Montreal DJ scene. Electro, house, funk, hip hop, latin music, cumbia, soca, baile, we assure you that IBU will be moving!

See the schedule

Food experience

To make a change from hot dog stands, Immersion Brassicole Unique will offer a complete culinary experience with a Fresh Food Bistro, a central Fire Pit (roasted pork sandwich, chicken, corn, BBQ sausages), a Frying Station (home fries, haddock tacos, seafood rolls) as well as a small selection of the city's finest food trucks!

See the food

How much?

Immersion Brassicole Unique will be easy on the wallet! The one day presale ticket only costs 15$, including the official glass and 10 drink tokens. The 3 day passport is only 25$, also including the official glass and 15 drink tokens! Regular tastings will cost 2 tokens for 3oz and 4 tokens for 6oz. Extra tokens will be on sale at the cost of 1$ each. What are you waiting for? Join us for a unique experience at IBU!

See the infos